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5 Jan 2021 - Press release

Sunday Staples adopts Singapore’s first Seated Serviced Checkout system with latest store at 313@Somerset 

Home-grown ladies footwear brand Sunday Staples opens its third and largest store at 313@Somerset, introducing Singapore’s first-ever seated serviced checkout shopping experience. This latest store promises to revolutionize shoe shopping, establishing itself as a major player in both the footwear digital and retail space.

Despite the initial retail sales slump during the phased circuit breaker measures in 2020, consumers have come roaring back to malls and their favorite retail outlets. While others have predicted the demise of physical commerce entirely, Sunday Staples has seen a dramatic shift in sales from its digitally native e-Commerce roots to its retail stores in Central Singapore.

This can largely be attributed to the footwear ‘try-on’ experience where customers continue to prefer determining shoe fit in stores instead of relying on guesswork online. With three successive stores under its belt in the short span of two years, the brand firmly believes that both worlds are an indispensable part of the business landscape in the future.

Its latest store at 313@Somerset provides a great opportunity to challenge the footwear shopping experience with the first of its kind ‘Tag it, Try it, Buy it’ concept.

Enter a footwear store on any given day and you will notice customers holding onto display items while browsing through the store. These items are then handed over to store assistants who retrieve the shoe sizes from the storeroom behind.

This process is iterated until the right design and fit is achieved before customers proceed to make payment at checkout counters. The newly designed ‘Tag it, Try it, Buy it’ concept seeks to consolidate all these processes by introducing a new store-wide tagging system.

The first things customers will notice with the new ‘ Tag it, Try it, Buy it’ concept are the brown wooden tags suspended below every display item.

They are invited to first browse the store for items they like and pick up the corresponding display wooden tags as they continue to shop through the store.

These tags are then handed over to the store assistants who retrieve the shoes collectively for customers to try at the serviced booths. Finally, customers may buy them on the spot via the localized contactless payments and Point-of-sale systems brought directly to them.

While these consolidated processes save retrieving time and reduce errors made by store assistants, they also create a better experience for customers who remain comfortably seated throughout.

The introduction of the serviced booths aims to direct trying customers to the same area, allowing the team to centralize shoe trying without having to serve customers scattered across the store. This greatly reduces waiting time and any confusion during the process. Designated trying spaces also allow store assistants to manage social distancing measures efficiently instead of having customers loiter across the store while waiting.

While the ongoing pandemic has hit retailers especially hard, the survival of smaller companies depends on their ability to straddle between wooing customers back in stores and adhering to proper social distancing guidelines. Sunday Staples aims to continue to think out of the box to not only weather the crisis but also to emerge as the leading innovators in its space.

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About Sunday Staples

Launched in mid-2018, Sunday Staples is a fast-growing female footwear brand that was birthed from the lack of comfortable and affordable shoes in the market. Its burgeoning 37K followers on Instagram attests to its winning fashionable designs, cementing its popularity amongst younger, working women.
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