Vegan Leather Bag Care Instructions

Vegan Leather Bag Care Instructions


The following instructions need to be followed with discretion. Keep in mind that anything you apply to your purse can darken it or otherwise change how it looks. Always spot-test!


1. General Cleaning

Step 1: Mix soap with warm water and damp a soft cloth, with the diluted soapy warm water mixture. 

Step 2: Gently wipe the bag with the cloth. Take extra care that the cloth is damp and not soaking wet!

Step 3: Rinse the cloth, and dampened it with clean water to rinse off the bag

Step 4: Dry the bag with a clean soft cloth.


If the inside of your bag gets dirty, you can wipe it down with the same method. If there’s a fabric lining, turn it inside out and use a lint roller or a fabric brush to remove debris.


2. Stain Removal

  • Soap usually works well to remove small stains from your vegan leather bag. 
  • For more serious stains, try distilled white vinegar. Put it directly on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then blot the stain away with a clean cloth. You might need to repeat this step a few times to get results.*
  • For water stains on vegan leather, you can also use rubbing alcohol. Just apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to the stain (try using a spray bottle), then use a cloth to remove the stain gently.*

    * Keep in mind that vegan leathers are all slightly different, and what works for one vegan leather bag might damage a different one. Spot test every time!


    3. Storage

  • When not worn, keep in the dust bag provided. Do keep the bags away from light and moisture to extend lifespan and maintain the finish of the vegan leather bag.